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KING 12g
Cicada, which expands the horizons of fishing! A lighter version of the King 18g. Ideal for fishing for pike and perch in shallow fishing grounds. Proven by trout and salmon anglers in rivers of Pomerania. Its purpose? Fishing for specimens!

Bet on twelve: Do you dream of catching the fish of your lifetime? Anchor your boat near the vegetation line and let a blade bait play. One of the best methods of conducting is dynamic lifting and falling. It's the best when you lift the cicada with two aggressive movements, and then pull it on the water with few spins of the spinning wheel, and next, we let it fall. Remember to firmly hold the rod!


KING 18g
The name is not accidental! A lure ideal for harder spinning and trolling. The weight of baits allows for comfortable fishing at a depth of even several meters while controlling its every movement.

Zanders under pressure: Fishing for zanders in reservoirs being under great pressure is not an easy task. If you want to avoid the failure of your next fishing expedition, trust cicada King 18g. Jigging the bait sensationally provokes zanders. In cooler months you should conduct the cicada with your wrist, moving it gently in the bottom area. The aggressive vibration of cicadas will change your view on catching zanders.


 75mm 20mm 12g 2 3+4
 75mm 20mm 18g 2 2+4





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