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Category: Jerkbaits


Get some FATSOs - there are trophy fish just waiting to be unhooked!


How to fish with Fatso:

This lure can be used in many ways. It is as effective using a very busy retrieve with many delicate jerks and synchronized twitches as it is for trolling at constant speeds. Over weedy shallows of 0.5 - 1 m we fish with the rod tip held high. In deeper places, we lower the rod tip and rhythmically jerk the lure with downwards strokes of the rod tip. The sinking model is irreplaceable when fish are not biting very well. It should be retrieved very slowly, with frequent pauses. The Fatso sinks very slowly during these pauses, but it still keeps its action. It is very important to always keep a tight line so you can detect takes on the drop and strike positively. When trolling at the depths of 2 - 4 meters you can use the floating version of the Fatso without additional weights, this is especially effective in places where the depth varies. For deep water trolling at depths of 4 - 15 m we recommend using additional 50 - 200 g weights tied on a paternoster link well in front of the lure.


Recommended for:

Pike, Zander.






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