Tronix HTO Yo Yo Slow Fluttering Jigs

Category: Jigs


A shore slow jig that when looking down from the top at the lure has an uneven build and weight distribution. One side of the jig is completely flat while the other side is fatter. The weight has not only been distributed to the one side of the jig, it has a bias towards the back of the lure. This two-pronged uneven weight distribution design produces an erratic but slow action that predatory fish find irresistible. It comes in five different, reflective colours and has a UV blast finish too, this makes it react well to light for maximum attraction. An excellent lure for targeting bass, pollack, coalfish, wrasse and other predatory species. It comes fitted with a HTO Shore Assist Jig with lure flash attractor and equipped with quality stainless steel split rings.


18g - 47mm

28g - 55mm

38g - 60mm

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