Quick Lock Surflon 7x7 Classic

Category: Leaders


Dragon’s QUICK LOCK snaps became a great success launching on the market. When the autumn spinning season started for good we immediately got many questions about spinning leaders made on these snaps in the most popular A.F.W. series of steel lines. We did not let to be asked too long, and after a few weeks, you could find expected products on the shops’ shelves. For the beginning we used three the most popular braid used by spinning anglers: 7x7 Surfstrand (strength: 9, 12 kg), 7x7 Surflon (strength 9, 12 kg) and the most affordable – 1x7 Surfstrand (strength: 7, 9, 13 kg). 6 and 7 kg lines we equipped with a snap number 8 (10 kg) and the strongest ones 12 and 13 kg with a snap number 4 (16 kg).


AVAILBLE IN: 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm , 40cm

                         9kg, 12kg

2 pieces in a package.


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