Sufix Nanobraid Aqua Camo - 100m

Category: Lines and Fluocarbon
Manufacturer: Sufix

Strong and thin nanofilament braid. Features: - Sufix NanoBraid is built with a Wide Angle Braiding Technology that creates higher tension on the braiding process, resulting in a tight weave and super strong, silky smooth line. - The densely braided Dyneema® fibers and a high pitch-count – up to twice as high as on most braided lines – gives consistent quality, uniform diameter and increased abrasion resistance, improving the line’s performance. - Sufix NanoBraid is up to three times stronger than other lines in the category and also features superior knot and shock strength unmatched by any other ultra-thin line. The silky soft line is extremely sensitive and runs quietly through the guides.


 0,03mm 100m 1,9kg
 0,04mm 100m 2,8kg
 0,006mm 100m 3,3kg
 0,08mm 100m 3,7kg
 0,10mm 100m 5kg