Savage Gear Line Thru Sandeel Eel Pout 8.5cm

Category: Lures

One of the most common fish along the coastlines of northern EU and Scandinavia is the Eel Pout! The Seatrout loves the juvenile Eel Pout and it is a very important prey fish! The Eel Pout have a very distinct and recognizable pattern that we have transferred with perfection to our most effective and popular Seatrout lures, the Linethru Seeker and the Linethru Sandeel. The combination of the pattern, partial hot stamp foil and UV colours have been outstanding during field-testing.
• 1 Glow bead
• 1 UV Red bead
• 1 Glass clear beads
• 1 matt black oval splitring
• 1 Wide Gape forged ultra sharp Big eye single hook – DG Stealth finish
• 1 SG Y-Treble – DG Stealth finish



8.5cm 11g sinking






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