Westin Spot On Top Walker 15g 10cm

Category: Lures


This powerful topwater bait takes the learning curve out of walking the dog, and it packs decades worth of fish-catching experience into subtle features that increase your odds of landing the big one. A life-like fish patterned body pairs with oversized, realistic eyes for the right look to lure in bass, snook, perch, redfish and seabass. Elevated ribs create extra surface turbulence. A unique nose scoop creates a finessed pop to tempt timid predators, much more subtle than the traditional popper. The Spot-On Top Walker’s V-shaped body creates stability in the water paired with a low-sitting tail that increases the hook-up ratio!

  • Lead-free
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Ultra-sharp and strong carbon steel hooks
  • Over-sized realistic eyes
  • Foiled inside on selected colours for a 3D look
  • Elevated ribs to create turbulence
  • Nose Scoop
  • Full wire-through-body construction
  • Low-frequency knocking sound
  • Hand-painted detailed colours
  • Long casting design
  • Easy walk the dog action
  • 15g 10cm floating



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