Savage Salt Ultra Light Rod 1DFR

Category: Rods
Manufacturer: Savage Gear
1DFR One Directional Fiber Reinforcement technology adds superior strength and sensitivity to the rod blank. The patented manufacturing process utilizes an outer layer of longitudinal fibres around the rod blank that significantly increase strength and power in the tip section. 1DFR increase the rod's lifting power and maximum strength up to four times that of a standard rod blank.Awesome rods for light lure fishing for fast and furious saltwater predators, like small Mahi and Bonito.
The SALT range of rods is a comprehensive range, that covers most modern lure fishing! Superb lightweight blanks, with great power and sensitivity and forgiving tipped action - suited perfect for battling powerful predator fish on inelastic braid main lines.
Each rod is perfectly designed with either CCS or ONE guides - to enhance casting distance and power battling!
• CCS Sin SALT Guides
• Alien R/S
• 1DFR High Modulus Carbon
• Hard EVA handles
• Ready to fish Deluxe rod bags
 57579 2sec 218cm 2-7g
 57580 2sec 218cm 5-14g
 57581 2sec 218cm 8-18g