Savage Gear 3D Jig Minnow 5,4cm 8g

Category: Sea Fishing Tackle


Based on the Scan of a baby sardine, the Jig Minnow is designed to cast far and reach depth fast and perfect even in stronger currents. Despite the relative fast sink rate, the lure shimmers vividly and vibrates like a wounded fish on the fall. The Jig Minnow is extremely easy to use and designed for gentle jigging. It does not need much effort or speed to get a strike. Perfect for Vertical Jigging and Cast Jigging.

  • 3D Scanned face details
  • Long casting design
  • Super Vivid action on the drop
  • Photo printed details
  • Super Durable coating
  • Pre-Rigged with super sharp trebles and assist hooks


WEIGHT: 5,4cm


HOOKS:#14 #9



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