Savage Gear 3D Reaction Crayfish

Savage Gear


Air filled claws not only aid in natural underwater movement when the crayfish is rigged forward but also give a defensive posture when the crawfish is fished on a stand-up jig head. It will make micro movements, even at the tiniest movement and water current.

The Air filled head cavity makes the crawfish float so it can be fished on a weighted weedless hook over heavy mats and lily pads and then paused in openings for a slow enticing fall into the strike zone. Just like the real thing!


• Air-filled Claws and head

• Ultra lively moving whiskers and legs

• Iodine, Salt and Crayfish Scent enriched

• Superb realistic gliding action

• Advanced 2 tone colours


LENGTH: 3" / 7,5cm

WEIGHT: 4,5g

 QTY: 5Pcs




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