Berkley Sparkle Craw - White

Category: Soft Plastic Lures
Manufacturer: Berkley
Price: 3,99 £

Soft baits win hands down as the most popular and versatile bait family of all time. And there`s such a huge variety of soft baits available in the Berkley® Gulp! Alive!®, Berkley® Gulp! and Berkley® PowerBait® lineups. Whether fishing in freshwater or saltwater, you`re guaranteed to find the right bait that has the right combination of shape, colour, scent, and size to trigger more strikes than any other baits, including in many cases, live bait. At Berkley® our PASSION is to help you CATCH MORE FISH.


Length: 1"

Quantity: 20pcs

Colour: White

Smell: Natural

Pearl Gloss Brocade