Gunki Grubby Shad Floating Kit

Category: Soft Plastic Lures
Manufacturer: Gunki

Gunki Grubby Floating Shad Kits are the Gunki's most famous lure now available in sets of colours selected for clear and dark water conditions. On top of that these Grubby Shads are now made from floating plastic which makes them even more deadly when teamed up with a G’Flip head.

The Clear Water kit comprises 4 colours (Blue Wakasagi, Sugar Shrimp, Wood Shiner, Salt & Pepper) that work best in brighter clear water conditions.

The Dark Water kit comprises 4 colours (Purple Rock, Milk, Fire Chart, Fluo Yellow) that work best in the coloured water and/or overcast conditions.

Save time and have the right lures for the right conditions.



LURE (g) LENGTH (inch & cm) QTY/PACK
 2.05g 2,4" /6cm 4
 6.2g 3,3"/8,5cm 4
 11,4g 4,1"/10,5cm 3