Libra Larva 3,5cm 12Pcs - Scent Cheese

Category: Soft Plastic Lures

Libra's flagship model. The larvae are the most frequently consumed food by trout, chubs, ides and whitefish basically regardless of the season. 
Hundreds of hours of tests, analyzes and metamorphoses of this model have caused that our faithful imitation of the larvae, its appropriate geometry and the use of a unique mixture make it almost an ideal bait, which makes it suitable for both flowing and stagnant waters. 
The larva will certainly be a competitive "killer" also at Trout Area competitions when fishing for rainbow trout and other salmonids. 
The pupae are the basic food for many species of fish. The unique properties of the material mean that the greasy, soft chrysalis will not be able to resist even the most careful trout. The well-thought-out shape of the lure causes that it reacts even to the slightest movement with the tip. It gives a wide spectrum of possibilities from natural presentation in so-called drift to all kinds of animation techniques.

Lenght: 35mm

12pcs per jar
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