Lunker City Ribster

Category: Soft Plastic Lures



The key to the Ribster's rigging versatility is the bulk of the front 2 inches or so of the bait. It doesn't get torn up by the hook and/or jighead, so you can rig it on a variety of hardware, and have a bait that stays rigged straight through the rigours of putting it into the places bass are likely to live. Whether it's on a shaky head, traditional jighead or Texas rigged, the Ribster is ready. And with its super slinky tail section and a cupped willow leaf tail that sashays seductively on the sink and wags energetically on the pull, it's designed to consistently catch the fish you put it near!


3'' /7,5cm - 1Pcs

4,5"/11,5cm - 1Pcs

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