Relax Nymph 5" 5Pcs

Relax Soft Plastic lures


The Relax Nymph comes from the artistic mind of Witold Kowalczyk. It is one of the freakiest soft plastic creatures imagined. Its thick ribbed body design and creature inspired tentacles and appendages create a wavering action on the fall, while its sleek body lines allow it to pop in and out of water structures easily. Designed purposely in 5” to allow the angler to make any needed adjustments while on the water. By pinching off and/or shortening is long flappy body segments to alter its appearance, the Nymph transforms into a more compact and versatile creature bait. Adjust it how you need, in order to hunt down the fish species you are looking for.


Length: 5"/12,5cm

Pack of 5

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