Savage Gear 3D Bleak Real Tail

Category: Soft Plastic Lures


The LB 3D Bleak is a 3D Scan of a real Bleak (Alburnus, Alburnus) – we have gone in very detail to make the perfect imitation of bleak in 3 sizes that will make any vary predator fish hit the lure without hesitation! The LB 3D Bleak Real Tail – have the tail shape of the real fish and is designed for drop shot or vertical fishing side down – but it has proofed great for many, many applications – as a trailer on spinnerbaits, in lip scull and for downrigger trolling behind a dodger or flasher. Superb lure for any predator fish in both fresh and saltwater!



 13,5cm  5 1/2" 14g 1/2oz4Pcs
 10,5cm   4" 8g 1/3oz5Pcs
 8cm   3" 3g 1/10oz5Pcs
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