FishUp Tanta

Category: Soft Plastic Lures


Tanta is a bait, which imitates one of the species of annelid worms.

Creation of Tanta was inspired by our desire to have a small flexible and at the same time relatively big bait that resembles natural fish food. Due to its delicate basis and crosscut plates making up the body of the bait, Tanta is phenomenally flexible, which allows it to bring success while trying a variety of passive dragging methods. Due to its elasticity, Tanta plays perfectly even under the most accurate animations, attracting choosey, cautious predators.

Nevertheless, it will be a mistake to use Tanta only for catching passive fish! Tanta is a very versatile bait, that works well with different kinds of animation and is very effective regardless of whether fish is active or not.


1" - 12Pcs

1,5" - 10Pcs

2,5" - 8Pcs

3,5" - 5Pcs


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