Z-Man Slim Swim-Z

Category: Soft Plastic Lures

This  ElaZtech® swimbait delivers incredible softness, swimming action, and 10X Tough durability. Featuring Z-Man's exclusive curved paddle tail. The Slim SwimZ is also an ideal saltwater bait when seatrout and bass are feeding on small minnows and fry.
  • Slim body and unique curved paddle tail delivers irresistible wiggling swimming action
  • Ideal for panfish, but super effective when larger fresh- and saltwater gamefish are keyed in on small forage
  • Pairs perfectly with Finesse ShroomZ jigheads for easy and secure rigging
  • 3" 6 baits per pack
  • 2,5" 8 baits per pack
  • Made in the USA




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