Herakles Quake

Category: Spinnerbaits


The classic spinnerbait is made by a wire structure with one or more blades linked on swivel or clevis in the upper part and by a lead head with hook and skirt in the under part. With Quake 5/8oz the Herakles team decided to radically innovate this usual design: the wire structure stays the same, but an ABS head with hook and skirt it has been added on the upper part. In the under part, the lead head with a blade attached through a split ring and a swivel. The reason behind this “mutation” is the idea to develop a spinnerbait that allows a good retrieve on flats, and rocky grounds, where a classic under part hook does not always guarantee good performances. As it could be easily guessed by its name, the swim of Quake 5/8oz is characterized by high vibrations, being so perfect for stimulating the attacks of predators fishes by simulating a school of prey fishes or simply by disturbing them.



SIZE: 3/0

WEIGHT: 17,5g 

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