Herakles Clever Spin 1,5g

Category: Spinners


Herakles took years before introducing a spinner lure on the market. We wanted to be different, offering something more. The Clever is a smart revisitation of the most popular spin fishing lure. We added a swivel in the front part to avoid tangles, we carefully studied the blade size and the rotation axis to achieve a perfect rotation frequency and balance, but this was not enough. We noticed that each of us had different lure weight needs, we had an idea, a variable weight spinner. Straight out of the box it will be perfect to fish small creeks and shallow water, we left some space on the shaft to add a split shot, some lead wire or tungsten paste. Our goal is to offer the chance to totally customize the lure weight and satisfy your needs in the different fishing spots. A split shot and pliers will do the trick!


WEIGHT: 1,5g


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