SpinMad Jigmaster 8g

Category: Spinning Tails
Manufacturer: SpinMad

JIGMASTER is perfect for fishing with the jigging method. The lure has been developed in the United States to catch bass, and there also has gained immense popularity. It soon became apparent that it is also effective in catching other predatory fish. Its popularity among anglers continues to grow, including Europe.


Versatility, perceptible work and the free fall are not all the advantages of the latest Jigmaster bait. Subtle, unique design, suitable shape and the use of strong treble hook are features that particularly appeal to perch, pike and trout hunters.

For all waters: The model fishery for SpinMad Jigmaster 8g baits are shallow rivers with a strong current, deeper river sections with slower current and lakes and reservoirs with a depth of 0,5 m up to 6 m. In fisheries with standing waters, the jigging is the best technique of conducting, and darker versions conducted at the bottom can accurately imitate crayfish.


Spinning tail can be carried out in three basic ways:

* Monotonous recovery in different parts of the water,

* Jigging in the depths by raising and lowering a rod while selecting a fishing line,

* Classic drop - that is, two or three moves of the handle and a drop to the bottom



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