Westin Trout Runner

Category: Spoons

The popular Scandinavian fishing DVD "Sea Trout Secrets" by Niels Vestergaard has made this lure extremely popular. This video shows exactly how many fish Trout Runner is able to catch.
This slow-moving in-line lure is sometimes the best weapon for vary trouts. You will feel even the most cautious take and due to the in-line system, you will have more hook-ups and lose less fish. The Trout Runner colour selection is perfect for wild lake trouts, stocked rainbows and sea trouts.
Rigging tip: Run your line through the lure and use a small round or oval bead to protect the knot before tying the line to a single- or treble hook of your choice. If you prefer a free-swinging hook we recommend mounting the hook on an oval split ring and tying the knot to the double-stranded part of the ring.
  • Lead-free construction
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Japanese-style hook
  • Hook size: #6
  • Three beads included
  • Inline concept - loose less fish!
  • Designed and developed in Scandinavia
  • 10g 6cm


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