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Reassembling a small grub or caterpillar this lure is perfect for many species on ul tackle! When testing this lure I cast it out to overhanging trees and just let the current pull it into an area I wanted to start to work the lure, once it had reached the strike zone I didn't reel it in I just gave it a little tap with the rod tip! A chub took the lure as soon as it moved. This is a lure you will want to spend more and more time fishing to get the best results from it. Creeping along the bank on quiet rivers where the big fish wait is where this lure is at home catching. The shape of the lure also lends itself to long and accurate casts to the far bank, it is a very versatile lure that needs to be used to be appreciated!

This lure will catch many fish of many species due to the amount of ways it can be fished, twitched, popped or ripped in just under the surface it will catch fish all day with the right approach!!!


Recommended mainly for chub, ides, perch, trout, rudd.

Produced wobblers are 1,5 cm, 2 cm or 2,5cm long with 3 mm of tolerance on account of the manual production process.

The offer contains wobblers imitating small fish, insects and other creatures belonging to the fish menu.

Work depth - 0 m – until even 1,5 m for sinking models...

The MINI wobblers suit both rivers and the stagnant water holders.

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