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Have You ever tried ultralight jig fishing?
Jig fishing is a very simple method. You have lure rod, reel, fishing line (personally I prefer to use braid as transfers better whats happening with soft lure). Of course, You need a weighted hook - jig head- and most important soft plastic lure. In our shop, You will find hundreds of soft plastic lures in all popular shapes, lengths and colours. Natural imitations that look, swim and act like a real creature to very strange and colourfull baits that grab fish attention in colored water. Starting from tiny, less than 1" soft plastic insects, grubs, twintails, paddletails, 10cm Kopyto from Relax, up to 10" swimbaits.

Here You will find Soft Plastic Lures - Grubs, Twintails, Crayfish, Insects, Swimbaits, Shads, Kopyto, Ultralight, Lrf, Frogs and other Creatures. Drop Shot and Soft Bait kits available from Savage Gear, Fox Rage, Westin, Gunki, Relax, Crazy Fish at low prices.

We offer free shipping on all soft plastic lures and other fishing tackle order in the United Kingdom for all orders over 50 GBP!

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